Have you been told you need an apicoectomy?

Let’s cover what it is and what to expect.

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Apicoectomy in Frisco

When you need a root canal, the last thing you want to hear is that you may need more surgery to save your tooth. But, the truth is this: you might. The other truth? It’s nothing to worry about! An apicoectomy is a minor, painless surgery that helps save your natural tooth.

Endodontic surgery sounds daunting, but it’s really not. We do it all the time. It’s one of the only things we do. When it comes to dentistry, we love saving natural teeth, and apicoectomies let us save your natural teeth.


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We are always here for our patients. Below we’ll break down the most common questions about an apicoectomy. As always, you should contact our office for any additional concerns.

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More about apicoectomy

What is an apicoectomy?

An apicoectomy is a routine surgery wherein your endodontist removes the very tip of your tooth’s root along with any infected, inflamed tissue. It sounds a lot scarier than it is. It’s a minor surgery and is painless.

If you need an apicoectomy, don’t worry too much. It is a minor surgery, and we do it all the time. We know what we’re doing, and at the end of the day, we’re here to make sure you have a comfortable experience. We’re here for you.

Why do I need an epicoectomy?

If we told you that you need an apicoectomy, it’s because root canal treatment was or is simply insufficient to protect your tooth from further infection. This means that an apicoectomy is your last shot at saving your natural tooth.

  • Complex root canals
  • Unsuccessful retreatment
  • Reinfection or secondary infection
  • Diagnosis: in the event that a cause of your symptoms cannot be discovered, surgery may be suggested so that your endodontist can clearly see the structure of the root of your tooth to gain a better understanding of the problem.

Teeth are surprisingly complex, and the root canals themselves are equally complex. Each tooth’s root canals can have tiny nooks and crannies that can make cleaning them out really difficult. If your root canals are particularly complex, an apicoectomy might be your best option to prevent further infection. Your endodontist at Endodontic Associates will tell you exactly why you need an apicoectomy.

If you’re concerned about why you need an apicoectomy, talk to your Frisco endodontist at Endodontic Associates. We want you to have confidence in your care, and we will give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision about your care.

Can I wait to get an apicoectomy?

We promise you that you don’t want to wait. Just like how you didn’t want to wait when you needed a root canal, we don’t suggest putting this off. You’re likely in pain, and why would you walk around in pain if you don’t have to?

Does an apicoectomy hurt?

We get this question often, and we can understand why – but no, and you really shouldn’t worry. You’ll be numb throughout the whole procedure. We know that it’s intimidating, but we’re with you every step of the way. At Endodontic Associates, we trained for years to specialize in these procedures, and we are committed to your comfort and health. Each one of us will serve as your advocate, and that means that we won’t do anything until you’re numb, comfortable with the procedure, and ready to save your tooth.

What should I expect during an apicoectomy?

In short: a quick, painless procedure.

An apicoectomy is a quick, painless surgery, and it typically takes between 30-90 minutes. Your endodontist at Endodontic Associates of Frisco will make an incision in your gum tissue to expose the bone and infected tissue. Your endodontist will then remove the infected tissue and the root tip. After this, he or she will place a filling to seal the root so that you do not develop a secondary infection and suture your gum tissue into place again. It’s that simple!

What should I expect after surgery?

You may feel some pain or discomfort at the surgery site with your incision heals. However, you will be able to get back to your routine the day after your surgery. Your endodontist will prescribe or recommend pain medication. Your endodontist will give you more detailed post-operative instructions.

You may experience swelling at the surgery site, and you should ice the area for at least 12 hours. Whatever you do, rest. You’re recovering from surgery. You deserve it, and your body needs it.

If you are still in pain or have any concerns about your recovery, call our office immediately. We’re here for you, and no question is silly.

Do I really need an apicoectomy?

If your endodontist tells you that you need an apicoectomy, then yes, you really need one. Putting off treating an oral infection can have disastrous consequences; you can end up losing your tooth, the infection can spread to other oral tissues, and you can set yourself up for more complex and costly restorative procedures.

We are your partners on this journey, and we will walk with you through the entire process. Whether you’ve had your first root canal treatment here or it’s your first time, we will work with you to make sure that you have the most comfortable experience possible.

We know this isn’t fun, and we know you’re not excited. We’re excited to help you feel better, and we’ll help you get through this. We promise we’ll be with you every step of the way, and we’re experts in this procedure.

Do I have other options?

Definitely! The fact is that there is no guarantee that this will save your natural tooth. We believe it will, and that’s why we suggest it. However, this is not your last stop. Instead, your final option is an extraction. We will discuss your outlook for this surgery and give you all of the information you need to make the most informed decision about your care.

Additional: Extraction and dental implant

If you don’t want to go through with an apicoectomy, you can always opt for an extraction and a dental implant or some other functional and cosmetic restoration. If you really don’t want an apicoectomy, you can opt for an extraction, but this is your only alternative. Talk to your endodontist at Endodontic Associates of Frisco about your options and projected outcomes. At the end of the day, we’re here for you. We only want what’s best for you and your long-term health. We are always ready to walk you through your options.